Knights of Winston County, Alabama
Family Tree
Photo Album
Here is my little website for the family.  It started out as a "make something homemade for Christmas" for my mom.  So, I started pulling together the family tree from the Internet.  A friend as a wide plotter, so I could make a family tree chart that was 42 inches wide, and how ever long I needed.  Well, a little christmas present project grew from there.  Starting with my grandfather, Felton, the printout covered 12 generations.  I am now up to over 1800 people in the tree, and it is still growing.  The longest chain is 18 generations, and I have pointers for mare data to fill in from that lead back about 35 generations to the 12th century.  As I putter, that info will be added.
After a year, the database is up to 3,400+.
This is a colaborative web site.  Registered users are able to add information and correct details to both the genealogy tree and the photo album.  Those who are not registered with a userid/password can only see the information about the dead.  Information about the living and the photo album are off limits to the general public.
To add data: There are just a few rules to make things easier.
  • Dates: 14 MAR 2006 is the format to use. Specically DD MON YYYY. This is so that the software is able to calculate ages correctly, and so the dates can be traslated into other languages if necessary.

  • Places: "City, County, State, Nation" is the format. If you don't know a part, put in a " ,", so the position is known. Most people abreviate County to Co. and others have omitted the field completely, but I have not in my data. With the addition of the GoogleMap fuctionality, the county field has been normalized to just contain the name of the county without the "County" or "Co.".

  • Pictures: Pictures can be added to the family treed as well. The thumbnail picture should be 120 wide by 160 tall. The "Use as highlight" should be yes for the picture that you want to show in the charts and no for all others. The "use this image as the thumbnail" should be no, unless the main image is also 120x160. The "Photo Gallery" section has its own rules.